Standard Air Coolers

Stationary Application


Application: Compressor

AKG-Line CA (Compressor Aftercooler) is a line of heat exchangers designed for a wide range of air pressures, cooled by an AC motor driven fan.

  • Cooling medium: compressed air


  • AKG-Line CA LP: 3 bar / 250*C (50 psi / 480*F)
  • AKG-Line CA HP: 16 bar / 120*C (250 psi / 250*F)



Mobile Applications


Application: Screw Compressors

The AKG CPC series is a line of robust aluminum bar-plate heat exchangers designed for screw compressors. The CPC coolers are dual circuit heat exchangers for oil and compressed air.

  • Cooling medium: oil or compressed air
  • Suitable for 14 bar and 100*C (200 psi / 220*F)
  • Compressor range: 4-37kW


Charge Air Cooler

AKG-Engine-Line (AEL)

Off-the-shelf industrial engine cooling applications.

The AKG Engine Line (AEL) is a configurable engine cooling solution including jacket water cooling, charge air cooling, and an optional oil cooler. AEL is designed for engines from 100kw to 500kW and has direct or hydraulically driven fan options available.

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