AKG Engine Line Software

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AKG is currently developing web based software programs for all of our coolers in the meantime please download our software or contact us directly.

AKG-Engine-Line - Selection - Program

The Engine Line is a design program for a quickly available standard series for engine cooling.

Direct Link to the Application (External Link)


AKG-Line - Selection - Program

AKG-Line  is  a  standard  line  of  products  from  the market leader in high performance aluminium cooling systems. The  AKG-Line  type  series  consist  of  different models  for  mobile  and  stationary  applications  and are  available  through  our  global  specialist  dealer network.

Technical Information:

File name - AKG-Line.msi
Size - 11,5 MB
Typ - msi (Windows Installer Package)
Version - V-1.4i

Software for:

  • AKG-Line A
  • AKG-Line D
  • AKG-Line H


AKG-Line CA - Selection - Programm

The AKG-Line CA is a standardized cooler series for compressor applications.

Technical Information:

File name - AKG-Line_CA.exe
Size - 3.2 MB
Typ - Executable


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