Information for Whistleblower

Information for Whistleblower

Integrity and compliant conduct enjoy top priority at AKG.

Both our employees and third parties have the opportunity to report potential violations of applicable laws, guidelines or the AKG Code of Conduct such as:

•         Human Rights    
•         Corruption, antitrust offences and fraud
•         Bullying, harassment or other types of discrimination
•         Violations of labour and environmental regulations
•         Violations of data protection regulations and IT security policies
•         violations of our compliance rules

anonymous, personal, by telephone (+49 5671 883 1148) or via e-mail (

Our Compliance department will verify the plausibility of every report received and, if necessary, contact the whistleblower. Whistleblowers can rest assured that their report and their personal data will be treated confidentially. Persons who make reports in good faith will not suffer any disadvantages. We also carefully review purely suspicious reports.


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