• The right solution for every cooling application!
  • The right solution for every cooling application!
  • The right solution for every cooling application!

Heat sinks for power electronics from an expert cooler manufacturer


Configurable components and comprehensive engineering from heat transfer specialists.


Maximum effectiveness for every coolant type with compact heat transfer and effective pressure management.


A century of aluminum brazing, welding, gluing, and assembly, combined with modern production practices yields durable parts at a high quality standard.

Cold Plates – Liquid-Cooled Heat Sinks

Brazed aluminum with robust design features offers thermal and mechanical advantages in electronics cooling.

  • Optimal thermal design
  • High thermal conductivity to coolant
  • Flexible design for flow and fitting locations
  • High pressure capability with no deformation
  • Efficient and compact heat rejection from the system

Air-Cooled Heat Sinks

High-performance brazed aluminum heat sinks in electronics cooling, optimized for customer needs.

  • Tight fin density
  • Design flexibility with configurable components
  • Efficient heat transfer with minimal airflow resistance
  • Efficient and compact heat rejection from the system
  • LPE Line: fin geometry specially designed to improve performance in the critical points of the heat sink  ("3D effect”)

Cabinet Air Coolers

Efficient air-to-air aluminum coolers for electronics enclosure cooling, optimized for customer needs.

  • Variety of available fin densities
  • Separation of internal and external compartment air for IP65 and IP66 rating
  • Maintenance free
  • Efficient heat transfer from air to air
  • Design flexibility with configurable components

Electronics Cooling Systems

In addition to offering individual components, AKG’s engineers can design a complete solution for electronics cooling to fit your application.

Using coolers from AKG’s standard line of coolers, we offer radiators, oil coolers, and appropriate designs for other types of fluid cooling. For compact applications, AKG’s cooling experts can create a custom solution to fill the needs of your innovation.

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We help you to achieve your goals:

  • System supplier for innovative high performance cooling systems
  • Global presence with local production and regional engineering support
  • Family-run, reliable and durable
  • Integration of components into ready-made Plug&Play solutions
  • New ways to simplify assembly and logistics for our customers
  • Complete responsibility for modules and systems
    • Technology competence
    • Service orientation
    • Handling of the entire value chain
    • Industry knowledge through 100 years of experience
    • Fulfillment of all technical specification
  • Competence and resources
    • Design and simulations software
    • Extensive testing equipment and cutting-edge measurement technology
    • Advanced project management (APQP)

Trade Shows 2022

PCIM Europe

When: May 10 - 12, 2022
Where: Nuremberg
Hall 6 Booth 413

We look forward to presenting our cooling solutions on site again this year. We will start from May 10 to 12 at the PCIM Europe in Nuremberg. At the trade show for powerelectronics we will present our efficient and innovative application solutions for electronics cooling. For these, we can rely on decades of experience as well as state-of-the-art know-how in the field of high-performance cooling. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth in May.
Further information about our trade show presence at PCIM in May can be found here: tinyurl.com/pcimeuropeakgen