Cooling Solutions for Your Industry

A Century of Innovation

AKG’s engineering and manufacturing locations around the globe are constantly innovating to create the best solutions for today’s applications. You will find AKG products on everything from trains, busses, cars, and agricultural and construction machinery to high-horsepower gensets, power electronics, windfarm, and aviation cooling systems.
In addition to custom solutions, AEL configurable engine cooling packages and AKG-Line standard oil coolers offer ready-made answers to your cooling needs.

What we offer

  • Custom-designed German engineering with local support
  • Full solutions from a single source
  • Latest technology to meet your requirements: flexible profile, anti-clogging  and efficient fins, high pressure capability, long-life alloys, corrosion-resistant coating
  • Quality & reliability: 100 years’ experience & financial stability
  • Loyal customer relationships
  • Wide product portfolio
  • Supply chain flexibility
    • Low TCO (Total cost of ownership)
    • Low LCC (Life cycle cost)
    • Customer-centered software for configurable and standard products
    • Environmentally conscious global facilities

    Need Help?

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