Skilled partner in numerous sectors

Connecting innovation and experience for almost a century

AKG develops and produces worldwide innovative coolers and cooling systems that are used in trains, buses, cars and agricultural and construction machinery. Also big motor industries: power electronics, gensets, wind farms and aviation.
The AKG-Line series of standard coolers is also part of the range of goods and services.

What we have to offer

  • Individual, custom-designed German engineering
  • Full solutions from a single source (research, design, development)
  • Modern: Latest technology to meet your requirements (hollow profile, anti-clogging fins, pressure-strengthened, diverse range of fins, long-life alloys, coating



  • Quality & reliability: Almost 100 years’ of experience & financial stability
  • Loyal customer relationships: Distinguished references worldwide
  • Large product portfolio: Many construction methods – including highly rugged, large blocks, compact blocks, etc.

    • Flexibility: Order small quantities from AKG UK
    • You’ll love: Our low TCO (Total cost of ownership); low LCC (Life cycle cost)
    • Tools: Benefit from our configuration software and give customer access to standard products
    • Environmentally conscious: Small global footprint

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