• 1919
    Autokühlergesellschaft mbH Dortmund
  • 1955
    Cooler production
  • 1958
    Punching department
  • 1962
    Convector production
  • 1969
    AKG Hofgeismar
  • 2019
    Team bauma Munich

100 Years of AKG Group

100th anniversary AKG - 17.08.2019

On 17.08.2019 we celebrated our 100th anniversary at our main location in Hofgeismar. The colleagues from the two Hofgeismar plants, the Uslar plant and Dortmund experienced an evening through the continents of the AKG world. After the welcoming speech of our chairman of the management board, Hartwig Pietzcker, the following highlights were offered to the guests:

  • Latvian sand art
  • Indian dance art
  • World premiere of "Discover the World with CoolAphone"
  • Chinese acrobatics


Gift from the staff


Not only Latvia, India and China had prepared gifts for the 100th anniversary, but also their colleagues from Hofgeismar. The idea was to give something very special as a gift. The result was an aerial photograph of the employees with the words: "AKG 100 Thank you". The photo was taken in the neighbouring Angerstadion in Hofgeismar.

Discover the world with coolAphone

"Discover the world with coolAphone" was composed by Dirk Osterberg on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the AKG Group in a cooperative project between the AKG Group and the Hofgeismar Music School and premiered on 17 August 2019 at the AKG headquarters in Hofgeismar as part of the anniversary celebrations.

The "coolAphone" is a percussion-like instrument combination consisting of a tubular carillon and a drum set. Materials and utensils from AKG production were used for the production of this instrument complex.

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