Standard Water Coolers

Stationary Applications

AKG-Line A

The AKG-Line A-Series heat exchangers are heavy duty bar-plate aluminum construction cooled using alternating current or three-phase AC motors. The series includes aggressive fins for normal applications and more open fin systems for high debris conditions.

  • Cooling medium: coolant and hydraulic oil
  • Suitable for 120*C and 17/26 bar (250*F and 250/375psi)
  • Cooling Capacity: 3-330kW


  • AKG-Line AL: Low noise
  • AKG-Line AR: Non-Louvered Air fin (for high debris)
  • AKG-Line AY: Integrated bypass
  • AKG-Line AP: Integrated pump for bypass circuits



AKG-Line W

The AKG-Line W heat exchangers are for stationary applications with 3-phase AC motors. The robust copper/brass cooling elements are suitable for a wide range of coolant applications.

  • Cooling medium: coolant and water
  • Suitable for 95*C and 4 bar (205*F/60psi) 


Mobile Applications

AKG-Line D

The AKG-Line D heat exchangers are high performance cooling systems for mobile use. The cooling is supplied by DC fans (12V/R4V). The series is developed for heavy duty applications with non-louvered air fins.

  • Connections available parallel or perpendicular to the flow
  • Cooling medium: oil, coolant
  • Suitable for 120*C, 17/26 bar (250*F, 250/375 psi)
  • Cooling capacity range: 4-40kW


  • AKG-Line DY: Includes integrated bypass
  • +AM: Connections perpendicular to the flow



AKG-Line H

The AKG-Line H heat exchangers are for mobile applications with hydraulic motors. The high-performance aluminum cooling packages are designed as a complete system for immediate use.

  • Cooling medium: oil, coolant
  • Suitable for 120*C, 17/26 bar (250*F, 250/375 psi)
  • Cooling capacity range: 12-330kW


  • AKG-Line HR: Non-louvered fin option for high debris environments
  • AKG-Line HY: Includes integrated bypass



Formula Student Cooler

The AKG-Line of heat exchangers is a standard line of products from the market leader in high performance cooling systems. AKG is best known for its worldwide presence, German engineering and extremely reliable, high quality product as well as their competitive prices.

Features of Formula E1

  • Cooler optimized for cooling of Formula Student electric vehicles
  • Cooling element made from aluminum with plastic tanks for a light weight option
  • Heat is transferred from the medium to the ambient air
  • Cooler can be used in any water or coolant application
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 95*C and operating pressures up to 1.5 bar (205*F and 20psi)


Stationary or Mobile Applications


The AKG-Line TL heat exchangers use a light tube/fin design. With many fan motor options, the TL series is suitable for mobile and stationary use.

  • Fan options: 12V/24V blower or 3 phase AC motor
  • Cooling medium: hydraulic oil, transmission oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, and coolant
  • Suitable for 120*C and 4 bar (250*F/60psi)
  • Cooling capacity: 1-35 kW


    AKG-Engine-Line (AEL)

    Off-the-shelf industrial engine cooling applications.

    The AKG Engine Line (AEL) is a configurable engine cooling solution including jacket water cooling, charge air cooling, and an optional oil cooler. AEL is designed for engines from 100kw to 500kW and has direct or hydraulically driven fan options available.

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