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Electronic Cooling

Power electronics are inevitable in most modern systems, such as inverters and converters for renewable energies as well as electric drivetrains. Even though the efficiency is very high, there are still local heat loads, which need to be cooled to achieve a better performance and longer lifetime. With our product portfolio in electronics cooling and many years of proven and optimized design, we are able to achieve a high performance and homogenous low temperature for the sensitive power electronics.

AKG Product Portfolio for Electronic Cooling

  • Cold plates – liquid cooled heat sinks
  • Air cooled heat sinks
  • Cabinet air coolers
  • Electronics cooling systems

Benefits of Electronic Cooling

  • Optimal thermal design
  • High thermal conductivity to coolant
  • High pressure capability with no deformation
  • Tight fin density
  • Design flexibility with configurable components
  • Efficient air flow with minimal air flow resistance

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