APQP4Wind Company Membership 2024

We are delighted that we will continue our esteemed membership with APQP4Wind in 2024.

As a non-profit organization endorsed by world-leading utilities, wind turbine manufacturers, and suppliers, APQP4Wind plays a pivotal role in advancing quality standards within the wind industry.

Our ongoing partnership with APQP4Wind aligns seamlessly with our commitment to continuous quality improvement, reflecting the industry's shift towards enhanced efficiency and reduced Levelized Cost of Energy. The adaptation of the well-known APQP concept to the unique challenges of the wind sector signifies a progressive step in ensuring product quality assurance demands (APQP) and the product release process (PPAP) are transparent and standardized.

APQP4Wind is a member of GWEC

As a company working towards aligning and maturing the wind industry supply chain, APQP4Wind is committed to helping the global wind industry supply chain reach its full potential. That is why APQP4Wind is a member of the Global Wind Energy Council and wants to support the great work that they are doing in the already established and emerging markets.



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