Solar- and Heat Pump Revolution: AKG and Consolar Prepare Joint Production in Northern Hesse

AKG Group and Consolar Solare Energiesysteme GmbH, a specialist in highly efficient solar technology, are entering into a strategic partnership.

(from left to right) Andreas Siegemund, Managing Director Consolar Marketing and Sales OEM/WV Customers, Kariem Jaber, Group Vice President AKG Sales and Engineering, Robert Stoffers, Managing Director Consolar Finance and Project Business

Frankfurt am Main/Hofgeismar, March 11, 2024 – AKG Group, a renowned expert in high-performance coolers, thermal management systems, and Consolar Solare Energiesysteme GmbH, a specialist in highly efficient solar technology, are entering into a strategic partnership. Together, they are establishing the production of the patented PVT heat pump collectors SOLINK by Consolar at the AKG headquarters in Hofgeismar.

The SOLINK PVT heat pump collector combines the technologies of photovoltaics and solar thermal, achieving up to 10% more electrical energy compared to conventional photovoltaic modules and additionally delivering two to three times the amount of heat energy. Exclusively designed for use with heat pumps, this combination provides a silent and highly energy-efficient system for heating and opens up many new applications in urban areas. The collectors on the roof or facade replace both geothermal and air blower outdoor units, delivering complete heat solutions.

Climate Protection "Made in Germany"

Based on 20 years of experience with collectors as a heat source for heat pumps and now with more than 3,500 installations across Europe using SOLINK technology, Consolar's PVT collector has established itself as a leading technology in the field of PVT heat pump collectors. The production in Northern Hesse not only sends a clear signal for climate protection "Made in Germany" but also forms the basis for the planned strong growth.

Andreas Siegemund, CEO of Consolar, emphasizes, "With SOLINK heat pump systems, we offer a key technology for the decarbonization of cities. High-quality standards and scalable manufacturing capacities are crucial requirements for city utilities, heating, and heat pump manufacturers for a long-term business relationship. We are pleased to have found an experienced partner in AKG who ensures this and has good access to world markets through its international presence."

The AKG Group, a technological leader in customer-oriented system solutions, has over 100 years of experience in developing high-performance components in thermal management and utilizes its comprehensive manufacturing expertise in adhesive technology as well. The joint production not only demonstrates technological leadership but also reaffirms the commitment of both companies to sustainable solutions in the field of renewable energies.

Growing Market Demands

Kariem Jaber, Group Vice President Sales & Engineering at AKG, highlights, "Our collaboration with Consolar not only strengthens our position but makes us a key player in the market for sustainable energies. The planned annual capacity of approximately 85 megawatts of thermal collector power or 65,000 collectors per year is just the beginning because we aim for a significant expansion beyond 2024 to meet the growing market demands."

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